Founded by Danielle Pelly and Tim Wilkins in 2014, ENA PELLY is a family owned Australian luxury fashion label combining the modern with the classic.

From their first stall in South Melbourne Market to the global attention their distinctive jackets now attract, ENA PELLY has always been for women who are confident, independent, and just a little bit idealistic.

Danielle’s design sensibilities ensure every timeless piece expresses beauty, through enduring styling and high-quality textile layering.

Versatile and practical for everyday wear or special occasions, each garment is designed to be dressed up or down – elegant transformations that allow the wearer’s personality to show whenever, wherever.

Every season is new. But every new collection has the same understated style beneath. Cut from luxurious natural and textured fabrics for a tactile experience, only ENA PELLY feels like ENA PELLY.

New season collections are focused into Minimalist, Classic and Essential ranges with seasonal highlights, giving every woman the freedom to find her own style.