Behind The Design Of

Embark on a journey with us 'Behind the Design' as we introduce the highly anticipated Ena Pelly x Elle Ferguson 2.0 collection. 

A labor of love that has been a year in the making. This collaboration is a testament to channelling Elle’s personal style, where together we've pushed the boundaries of our design aesthetics to deliver a collection of bold graphics, and signature essentials. Each piece has been designed to reflect key staple pieces that form the foundation for a strong, statement wardrobe.

"After the sell-out success of last year's Moss Tee, there was no question: we had to bring it back. The cult classic tee maintains the beloved silhouette and fabrication you know and love, this time, but with a fresh graphic update." - Elle Ferguson

Key pieces from the collection have been named after someone significant in Elle's life, a tribute to inclusivity and a nod to the unisex appeal that underpins the range. The graphics, in particular, are envisioned as garments that resonate not just with Elle, but with her circle of friends and family. 

For Elle, it was important to take classic silhouettes that are proven and loved by the EP community and add her own influence via bold accents through texture and colour. 

"Elle's design direction rings true to the Ena Pelly DNA and whenever we collaborate it feels really easy and you get on a strong wavelength together, the vibe is there.” - Jess, Product Design & Graphics

The streets of Paris where the campaign was shot delivered the perfect canvas to bring Elle's vision to life.