A contemporary fashion brand with a unique DNA.


Ena Pelly started as a family-owned Australian fashion label and remains so today. As Founders Danielle Pelly and Tim Wilkins embark on an exciting journey of worldwide growth, they maintain a strong appreciation for their beginnings and a commitment to the brand's fundamental values.

Ena Pelly is a contemporary fashion brand with a unique DNA that fuses understated ease with a modern, tightly edited approach to style. From the brand's first stall at the South Melbourne Markets, selling their namesake leather biker jackets, to the global attention the distinctive brand now attracts, Ena Pelly has always been centred on providing modern women with the cornerstones of a minimalist and effortless wardrobe. From their humble beginnings, Ena Pelly is now widely sold across Australia, New Zealand and the US. While the Classic Biker Jacket has been its bestseller since day one, the brand continues to evolve.

The brand was named after Danielle’s grandmother, Ena. A woman with a strong personality and passion for life, not only was Ena a force to be reckoned with but she was renowned for her effortless style which heavily influenced Danielle’s from a young age, which eventually led her to a career in fashion.

Danielle and Tim both work closely with the team across every facet of the business to ensure a thoughtfully curated product offering and seamless customer experience. Being surrounded by nature in their coastal home of Torquay, Victoria, has informed the duo’s focus on effortless dressing and environmentally conscious style.

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