Ena Pelly wool is sourced from high quality mills and used in either pure form or in wool blend fabrications to craft our garments. Our wool pieces feature the natural benefits and attributes of natural wool fibres including durability and warmth, however being a natural fibre it requires care to ensure the longevity of your pieces.


For laundering, we recommend a mild dry clean. Laundering of wool garments should be done sparingly to preserve the integrity of the fabrication. To wash, we recommend following the instructions on the care label, and with hand washing or using a delicate wool-wash cycle using a mild, wool-specific washing detergent. Wash inside out in cold water, separately or with like-colours. To dry, lay your garment flat across an airing rack, away from direct sunlight to air dry to avoid stretching or misshaping the fibres. Ironing and tumble drying are not recommended as these processes can damage the integrity of the fibres. In-between washes we recommend spot cleaning surface dirt with a damp cloth, and airing out to refresh.


If dry, we recommend taking care to hang your wool garment temporarily to air between wears, before storing folded and away from sunlight. Storing your natural wools and hairs with moth or cedar balls is also recommended to prevent moth damage. For more structured garments, such as coats, we recommend that you store the piece hanging, using a coat-specific hanger to provide support to the shoulder area. For further protection, store in a light and breathable garment bag.


  • Dry clean only 
  • Use a lint shaver to remove pilling 
  • Able to be steamed to remove creases 
  • Store hanging, to maintain shape


  • Dry clean when possible to improve longevity and preserve the soft nature of fibres
  • Lay flat in an aerated position when drying
  • Hand washing is recommended with mild wool detergent
  • Store folded and away from sunlight

These instructions are designed to ensure your Ena Pelly pieces stand the test of time and can be enjoyed for years to come, as they are intended to.