All Ena Pelly shearling pieces are crafted from premium leather sourced from carefully selected tanneries that have been ecologically approved as by-products of the food industry. Our fine shearling leather is utilised for its luxuriously soft texture, dressed with the natural wool still intact. Being a natural skin, it is by nature more delicate than other fabrications. As such, care must be taken when handling and wearing our shearling pieces. 


Should your shearling garment require a clean, we recommend a gentle spot clean by hand with a damp cloth. While spot cleaning, be mindful to avoid excessive rubbing or exposure to excess water and ensure that the colour of your cloth is neutral. Should your shearling piece require a more substantial clean, we recommend taking your garment to a leather specialist for cleaning. Do not wash or dry-clean your Ena Pelly shearling pieces. Shearling can be hung and aired out to refresh, away from direct sunlight. Use a suede stone or brush to clean in light, downward motions to gently remove marks. If your jacket has become wet in rain or snow, it must be dried at room temperature. Once dry, water spots may be easily brushed off.


To maintain and condition your shearling pieces we recommend lightly brushing the shearling with a suede brush or shearling comb to help relieve the pile. Store your shearling pieces in a dry place using the hanging tapes. Do not hang your shearling pieces using clip hangers. Be sure to avoid direct heat, sharp or abrasive surfaces during wear to reduce marking or damaging your shearling garment. Loose fibres are a natural occurrence of shearling and will reduce with wear and airing. 

These instructions are designed to ensure your Ena Pelly pieces stand the test of time and can be enjoyed for years to come, as they are intended to.