A brand that inspires and celebrates individual style.


Ena Pelly delivers everyday luxury, mindfully designed for the way we live now. It’s a philosophy that extends to all areas of the business - from style to sustainability - and imbues everything we do with a sense of purpose. Raw materials, services and suppliers are carefully selected in support of our ambition to reduce the brand’s environmental footprint. Our considered designs are crafted with quality to transcend seasons; built to be worn and loved for the long term.

As a brand that inspires and celebrates individual style, Ena Pelly uses its influence to drive positive social and environmental engagement within the community at every level. From the way we work to who we work with, each choice reflects an ongoing commitment to making a tangible difference. We’re proud of the advancements we have already made in this space and recognise there’s a lot more to do. So, we’re setting measurable targets to hold the business accountable as we strive to deliver a strong, sustainable vision. This is our definition of modern luxury – the opportunity to make a difference to the way we live now and into the future.

We invite you to explore more of our sustainability journey.

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The Ena Pelly brand is born in Geelong on Australia’s famous Surf Coast


The business begins sourcing all leather from premium ethical New Zealand tanneries


Recycled cotton is incorporated into the brand’s popular elevated graphic print and jersey designs


Over 1,000 new, unsold garments are donated to Thread Together to support those in need


FutureFur™, an industry leading faux fur fabric made from reclaimed plastic bottles, launches to wide acclaim


A move is made to cardboard and compostable packaging for all eCommerce requirements


Recycled polyester is introduced into the Spring/Summer collection for the first time


The preferred raw material program is launched under the broader Ena Pelly For Good sustainability strategy


Recycled polyester knit crepe debuts in the Spring/Summer mainline collection


Development of a sustainable premium denim line commences


A strict Supplier Code of Conduct is initiated to ensure transparency and responsible practices


A circularity resell partnership with global technology platform, AirRobe, is formed


Advancements are made in the brand’s shift to EPI biodegradable plastic for all factory poly bags

2023 and beyond: the Ena Pelly team continue to focus on a sustainable future for the brand, with measurable targets in progress for 2025 and 2030


Ena Pelly is a brand to inspire and celebrate individual style. In this spirit, one of the brand’s key missions is to drive positive social and environmental change within our community. We are committed to pursuing operational excellence, engaging our team members, using our influence to make a meaningful difference and partnering with our global suppliers to incorporate social and environmental criteria into our decision-making processes.

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Sourcing more sustainable and responsible materials to reduce our environmental footprint is one of Ena Pelly’s main priorities as we design our garments for a longer life.

2022 saw the launch of the Ena Pelly for Good fabric list - a catalogue of our preferred raw materials that are sustainably sourced, with the purpose of communicating these choices to our customers at a style level. These preferred materials are consciously produced in a more ethical or responsible manner, or naturally have a lighter imprint on the environment. This list includes:

  • Organic Cotton >50%
  • Cotton Sourced Through BCI
  • Recycled Cotton >30%
  • Recycled Wool >30%
  • RWS-Certified Wool
  • Recycled Cashmere
  • Recycled Nylon >30%
  • Linen
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell
  • Cupro
  • Recycled Polyester >30%
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Fair-Trade Certified Product >50%

Currently, 35 percent of Ena Pelly designs are created from our Ena Pelly for Good preferred material list. Our goal is to ensure over 50 percent of our products are derived from this list by 2025 and over 90 percent by 2030.

Recycled Polyester
Over 90% of our popular faux fur garments are crafted using FutureFur™, a recycled polyester which is made from reclaimed plastic bottles. The bottles are collected, cleaned, shredded and processed into yarn which is then spun into a luxuriously soft fabric.

All the leather used in our range is sourced from carefully selected premium New Zealand tanneries which are ecologically approved as by-products of the food industry. In addition, the fabric lining on our black leather garments is made from recycled polyester. Our leather pieces are created to be an investment purchase – classic designs that can be worn season after season, contributing to the circular fashion economy by encouraging customers to buy less and buy better.

Recycled Cotton
More than 85 percent of the jersey used in our collections is made from recycled cotton, which vastly reduces the amount of virgin cotton required. By upcycling residual cotton accumulated during the production of fabrics in weaving mills, this recycled cotton not only cuts down on waste but also the amount of water, carbon dioxide and pesticides associated with production.

Premium Denim
Launching in 2023, the entirety of our premium denim collection will be produced in eco-friendly factories in Turkey, using a process called ozone washing that uses 50% less water, 25% less energy and 65% less chemicals than the production of regular denim. All cotton denim styles will also incorporate a portion of recycled fibres.

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In addition, Ena Pelly has also committed to the following milestones:
BY 2025

Incorporate preferred cotton into collections, which means either certified organic textiles or those sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

BY 2025

Further increase the use of recycled materials, without impacting the quality and durability of the finished designs

BY 2025

Become a member of the Leather Working Group, with the intent to work only with Silver or Gold rated Leather Working Group accredited tanneries

BY 2030

Introduce Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified garments with traceable technology into the brand’s collections

BY 2030

Have our commitments certified by credible third parties, such as the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) or OCS (Organic Content Standard)


Right throughout the production chain, we are striving to build on a foundation of strong and trusted relationships with our suppliers across the world. It is our aim to be a force for positive change within the industry, creating jobs with fair and safe working conditions. Together with our suppliers, we continue to develop and improve our production supply chain at every level. Investing in and engaging with our network is one of our most important responsibilities, using our size and impact to support smaller makers across the world.

In 2022, we launched the Ena Pelly Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC), a detailed code of ethics that outlines the level of standards we demand from all our suppliers. This document covers topics including animal welfare, environmental management, chemical and water use, greenhouse gas emissions, living wage, working conditions, and waste management.

The Code of Conduct guarantees:

  • Fair, statutory wages
  • Paid overtime
  • Fixed working hours and a maximum 48-hour working week
  • Safe and hygienic working conditions
  • No child labour

In 2022, 100 percent of our suppliers have signed our Supplier Code of Conduct, providing transparency across their mission, values and operations. By 2025, Ena Pelly aims to conduct third-party audits on each supplier to verify that all commitments continue to be upheld. By 2027, the brand plans to launch an exclusive Australian Made capsule of elevated essentials, crafted from sustainably sourced materials that shortens the supply chain and reduces our carbon footprint.

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Sustainable style, thoughtfully curated and meticulously crafted.


Beyond being a more responsible business, we drive positive change by investing our time and resources into making a measurable difference in the communities we touch.

In 2022, we supported four charity partners, which we aim to double by 2025. This year, these partners comprised:

  • Thread Together; an organisation that partners with fashion brands and social service agencies to give unsold new clothing to those in need while protecting the environment by saving these items from landfill.
  • Barwon Health Foundation; an organisation that works to enhance the health of the people of the Geelong region, providing compassionate care through all stages of life and circumstance.
  • Starting Over Dog Rescue; a non-profit pet rescue service that saves dogs from Victorian pounds and finds them loving new families to call their own.
  • Yayasan Team Action Amed; a volunteer run not-for-profit providing crisis support and community care for the most vulnerable in Amed, Bali.
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At Ena Pelly, we know that a major environmental impact occurs at the workplace, which is why we have sourced innovative solutions for the materials used in our Head Office. These include:

  • The addition of recycled wood panel lighting fixtures across meeting rooms
  • Introducing Australian-made wool paneling on desks which are third party certified GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia)
  • The use of high-performance glazing to improve thermal comfort without the need for additional climate control
  • LED energy efficient lighting to significantly reduce electricity consumption

We have also made important changes in the way the business runs day-to-day, including the elimination of single-use plastics company wide while sourcing staff amenities from environmentally responsible local suppliers.

We are working to become operationally certified carbon neutral by 2030, through the purchase of renewable energy and offsetting carbon emissions at the Ena Pelly head office.

Ena Pelly for Circularity
All our garments are designed for longevity, and we continue to explore innovative solutions to keep our products in use for longer, even after they’re no longer worn. To extend the useful lifespan of our designs, the brand has partnered with Airrobe, a global online marketplace that connects brands and consumers to the circular economy. Here, our conscious community can purchase and on-sell pre-loved Ena Pelly pieces with ease.

We also continue to look for impactful ways to repair and repurpose garments while reducing waste. Soon, we will launch EP Restore, a resell platform that will feature pieces from our seconds production that can’t be sold that have been repaired, remodelled or brought back to life by local artisans and industry.

This is just the start. We are committed to introducing more circular materials, design strategies and system solutions to make clothing that looks good and feels good, from the inside out.

Ena Pelly for Mindful Packaging
The business takes a considered approach to packaging, working to reduce the number of materials we use and provide effective solutions post-use.

From 2023, 100 percent of our factory poly bags will be made from EPI biodegradable plastic, that can be easily recycled with soft plastics where available. By 2025, we have committed to ensuring 100 percent of all eCommerce packaging is recyclable and/or compostable packaging. We will also ensure packaging waste generated within product at our 3PL facilities is either recycled or composted.

Ena Pelly for Ongoing Sustainability
While we are proud of the work Ena Pelly has done so far in this space, we know there is always room to improve and there is still much to do. The business has already taken several important steps towards the goals outlined above and continues to pursue industry-recognised accreditations. By 2025 we aim to be formally B Corp certified, ensuring the business demonstrates values of high social and environmental performance, corporate governance and transparency.

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