Garment Care

Leather Product Care

Before wearing your new Ena Pelly Leather Jacket, we suggest spraying it with our waterproofing spray, this is not essential but will help preserve the original quality of your jacket.

If you spill something on your jacket - makeup, drinks, food, please use a clean damp cloth or a baby wipes to gently wipe the mark away - Please do not apply too much pressure.

If you have had your jacket for a while and it needs some TLC please treat it to a nice conditioner treatment, gently rub the condition all over your jacket, following the instruction on the bottle, this will help to moisture the leather and give it, it's rich look back.


Faux Fur Care

To best look after your faux fur jacket, avoid spilling liquid or food on your jacket. Also, makeup and Faux Fur don’t mix well.
We do not suggest dry cleaning your Faux Fur Jacket. We suggest spot cleaning with a clean damp cloth if required.