We're investing in you, and our sustainable journey.

We invite you to participate in The EP Denim Exchange initiative. 


As a valued member of our loyal community, we're investing in your forever wardrobe with a complimentary pair of high quality, Premium Denim jeans - the foundation of any capsule wardrobe. 

We value quality, and our approach to production is intended to support both our journey as a business as well as our customer's journey to lowering our environmental impact together, and enjoying fashion in a more sustainable way.  

We stand by our investment in the highest quality denim, and invite you to pair your EP Denim with future EP pieces for years to come. By encouraging our customers to invest in high quality items designed to stand the test of time, we hope to reduce our brand's presence and impact on textile waste and landfill. 

Our EP Premium Denim is crafted from the highest quality rigid denim, with 20% recycled cotton and produced using an innovative, reduced-water wash process.


Further deepening our commitment to sustainability in fashion, we've partnered with Upparel to give your old denim new life, contributing to the circular fashion movement and saving it from landfill. 

Available exclusively in Ena Pelly Boutiques, this weekend only.

Saturday December 9th - Sunday December 10th



One exchange per person. T&Cs apply


Australia’s leader in textile recovery and recycling. Upparel work to sort all textile material received to be repurposed either by being reused or recycled. Garments in a fit-for-wear condition can be re-homed and re-used via social enterprises, charity organisations and non-for-profits. Where textiles are not fit for wear, they are recycled into new materials and repurposed for packaging, signage, homewares, and more. 

Find out more on the Upparel website here.