Ena Pelly



We love sharing news of our talented tribe that make up with EP Family.

So we took time out with Jaime Croeser, who designed our latest collection for our latest blog.

Give us your elevator pitch version of what you do: 

My role includes trend research, assisting with the seasonal design direction / theme, designing the product, creating CADS, developing garment specifications, styling the range for photoshoot and managing the production from design to final bulk order. I work closely with the creative director and many offshore suppliers. The space is a high pressured, hard work, fast paced world of design!

How did you start in this space?

Growing up I have always been a creative person. Drawing and painting was a huge part of my childhood in South Africa. My parents set up an easel with multicoloured acrylic paints that I usually would smear, spatter and throw at the canvas to create an unexplainable mess! Expression through art and design lead the way for me throughout my schooling years. This passion made me realise I needed to pursue a career in this field. There was a small push back from my parents as they believed that interior design would offer a better career path, but I stood my ground and began studying fashion design at University and Tafe at the age of 20. The fashion industry is a wild rollercoaster and the only way to excel is to strap in and enjoy the ride! 

What inspires you to do what you do?

What drives me every day is knowing that I am creating product that allows people to feel good and express themselves in the clothing they wear. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories about finding an outfit that makes them feel confident, strong and empowered every time they wear it!

What 1 thing could your industry do towards sustainable change?

Circular fashion and being transparent is the ultimate goal for the industry  I have seen many brands moving towards the circular design and production and this excites me. We live in a world that has the technology to lead this movement and I believe the team behind the scenes of every company should take the time to implement this process. Sustainability does not limit itself to waste. Brands need to learn and educate their customers on the steps that can be taken to work together for a sustainable future.

Latest greatest idea you've had?

My brain has a billion ideas day to day! Not all are great but at the time they can seem like the "greatest". If I had to narrow it down to one it would be...I literally cannot think of one now. Always the way haha!

Ultimate life goal?

To live a happy, balanced life and giving as much back to my community as possible. Life goals for sure.

What could you not live without?

My amazing and inspiring partner, Angas, and crazy psycho puppy, Zala. These two bring so much joy and happiness to my life everyday. I almost submitted this answer with "Spaghetti Bolognese" but then I realised that I don't really eat that anymore and that Angas and Zala are my shining lights!

Best thing (forecast) to happen this year

Celebrating diversity in all forms around the world. Being a part of a generation where social media can be used to educate and create positive movements is inspiring! I am driven to celebrate and be a part of this movement as much as possible as my career evolves.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

Depending on the weather, I love hiking local trails, hitting the road for a spontaneous camping night, having many wines with close friends, supporting local markets or sometimes just having the arvo on the couch with a movie and a slab of chocolate.

Favorite item in your closest? Why?

My favourite thing in my closet would have to be my Oversized New Yorker Leather Jacket. It elevates every outfit and I love styling this leather jacket with knit pants or jeans, chunky gold earrings and a fresh pair of sneakers or boots.